Spain Home of the Greatest Festivals in the World!

All About the Annual Festivals in Spain!


There are many festivals in Spain for people to attend. The Spaniards love to celebrate party and enjoy life through their culture and heritage.  There are festivals for everything here in Spain.


There is a Spanish Festival for throwing tomatoes which is called “La Tomatina.” This festival begins off with over tons of over ripe tomatoes are thrown in to the streets of Spain. This is basically a war, but there is not to be any winners. You come dressed to wear tomato juice. The rules are simple; you grab a tomato and throw it at any one who runs, walks, bends over, stands or anyone with a pair of eyes. You also must squish the tomato before you throw it to emphasize the “moosh.” Any type of water bomb is forbidden.


There is also music, dancing, fire works, and parades to see at the festivals. There is no reason why this tradition started, but it has been kept going because it is just so much fun.


The Las Fallas Spanish Festival is to celebrate St. Joseph. There are many main attractions at this festival, which include massive paper mache and wood statues all through out the streets. These statues show all the current events that are taking place regardless if it is news, politics, or celebrities. Then on the nineteenth of March there is a voting that takes place to decide which masterpiece gets placed in the museum. The rest get burned. It is not only about burning these huge statues, there are also beauty pageants, parades, bull fighting, and thousands of thousands of fire works.


Then there is Semana Santa which is a religious celebration where the Catholics come together to celebrate and mourn the last days of Jesus’s life. They will also sympathize with the Virgin Mary on how she felt when her only son died on the cross. This is a week long festival in which during the whole week there are a lot of floats that are paraded down through the streets of the cities. The floats are to represent the last days before Jesus died, which each float must show different scenes from the bible. There will be total a little over one hundred different floats that will be seen all over the city streets during this time. The best part of the week is Good Friday, this is when the floats leave at midnight from the church, and are carried to their final destination, the main Cathedral. This is one of the most important and biggest celebrations in Spain that must not be missed.


Honestly, I could go on and on about all the amazing festivals Spain has to offer, but the list would be horrendously long! I hope you’ll join us in our passion and excitement for festivals in Spain!

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